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We believe
in the power
of water

Clean water changes absolutely everything

Access to food
Local economy growth

Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential – empowering people with time for school and work, and contributing to improved health for women, children, and families around the world.

We give our everything every day to make the change

Working with local experts and communities to find the best sustainable solution for each place
Training local organisations to run community-owned water projects around the world
Raising awareness and education on water consumption, green water solutions, water crisis, climate change
Collaborating with local governments, UN entities, multi-stakeholders with influential minds, scientists, artists, media, opinion leaders, and individuals.
Clean water


Air Water Generators

Air is the second-largest source of water in the world. Aeronero devices utilize this untapped potential to Produce pure drinking water anywhere with Relative Humidity as low as 20%. The devices work by drawing in air, after which condensation of vapor takes place inside a specially designed patented loop technology that has the ability to harness water even in adverse climatic conditions. Their Technology is unique in the efficiency, capacity, cost, filtration system, minerals cartridges as well as the variation in the climate and geographic areas that it can be in.

Clean water

Awareness & Education

  • A Public Service message:
    Printed Posters in high visibility, high footfall areas High impact with spend of only Rs 10 per Poster
  • NGOs:
    Partnering with NGOs to innovate, ideate and generate solutions for and on water awareness, management and reuse.
  • Aesthetic City Wall Art
Clean water

Grey water reuse

Saving and recycling wastewater is #1 way to protect and sustain Earth’s water and our health.

Grey water reuse:

  • Saves over 3400 billion litres of water annually - for household water treatment
  • Saves 5600 billion litres of water annually - for commercial water treatment
  • That is enough water to take care of waterless regions across the world.

The opportunity is in "Waste water management" !

Clean water

Rain water harnessing

Save Water, save Electricity, save Money

Rain water filter:

  • Collects rainwater in your underground sump
  • Brings Water independence
Clean water

Recharge wells

«Recharge well» device:

  • Improves the Water Table
  • Prevents City Flooding
  • Reduces Water Runoff
The Recharge Wells is a simple concept to raise water table all over, and to tackle flooding, and water runoff during rains.
Clean water


We help installing sewage disposal in schools, slums, villages:

  • We install it in situ toilets using rings or panel walls in one day
  • It prevents sewage mixing with ground water
  • We are providing technical support
  • Global Grants available
Clean water